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Filipino Martial Arts for Special Forces

Filipino martial arts are a good choice if you want to learn a self-defense martial art. FMA has been in a lot of movies, like The Matrix and The Dark Knight. The martial arts of the Philippines are good for both self-defense and attacks that hit hard.

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali

Most of the time, Filipino martial arts are called Arnis, Kali, Eskrima, or Arnis-Kali. The focus of these kinds of Filipino fighting is not on fancy moves, but on using real fighting techniques. By law, the military and police of the Philippines have to learn Filipino martial arts. Filipino fighting styles used to be hidden as dances in the past. No matter what the name is, this style of fighting is effective and strong.

When Spanish explorers lived on the Philippine Islands in the 1500s, they used this way of fighting. It started out as a tool for self-defense and has changed over time to become a simpler way to fight. It is also called Eskrima, Arnis, Kali, or Filipino Martial Arts, and a lot of Special Forces teach it. But few people outside of the Philippines know about it.

Single stick, double stick, sword, kung fu, kuntao, sikaran, and sikaran are the 12 areas of Filipino martial arts.

Filipino Martial Arts is different from other styles that use weapons because it teaches you how to use real weapons and make your own. During training, students will learn how to use knives, machetes, and clubs, all of which are common in the real world. Also, people who teach Filipino Martial Arts focus on teaching how to use all kinds of weapons, not just ones that are deadly.

In traditional Filipino combat, using a weapon is an important part of the strategy. It can be used in many ways, like blocking a kick or punch with an umbrella or sending an opponent flying by kicking his leg. Also, traditional Filipino fighting with weapons assumes that the attacker has knives or other weapons that can hurt them. So, one good way to protect yourself is to know how to strike your opponent with your own weapons.

The 10 basic knife strikes can be used together, separately, or in any order. They work like a clock, so they work even if the attacker is using an arm or leg that doesn’t belong to his hand. By doing this, you can stop an attacker from getting the upper hand.

Here are some reasons why Kali Self Defense Special forces can do so much with Filipino martial arts.

One big difference between Filipino Martial Arts and other weapon-based fighting styles is that the focus is on making weapons out of things you already have. Filipinos don’t carry around sabers or katanas anymore, but they still use knives and machetes. Even clothes are considered weapons and have been changed to fit the needs of the military. Filipino martial arts are very effective against attackers with and without weapons.

Empty-handed Techniques

Filipino martial arts have two kinds of moves that are done without using your hands. The first is called “empty-handed grappling,” and it means controlling an opponent’s arm and head with an empty hand. It’s important to remember that “no-weapon” techniques must be done without a weapon. Guro Leslie says that the first technique is to drag an arm by its elbow and pull it around from the side. He then grabs the arm by the elbow and reaches up for the head or shoulder of his opponent.

Blade fighting is the second technique. People think that the Filipino sword fighting style is one of the most advanced and useful in the world. It is a key part of the Modern Army Combatives program of the U.S. Army and is used by the Russian Spetsnaz special forces. The government of India also uses it to train its Special Forces and Commandos.

Weapons Training

A good martial arts teacher will be able to teach you how to use weapons in a fun and easygoing way. Filipino martial arts are one of the most well-known styles in the world and are known for their speed, strength, and flexibility. Using weapons like sai, kali, and taekwondo can help you do better in many different kinds of fights.

The way weapons are used in FMA is based on Filipino customs that go back hundreds of years. This type of martial art has changed over time so that it can now be used to fight with knives, guns, and even spears. FMA instructors show people how to use spears, swords, and knives in ways that are different from how they have always been used. In fact, training in this style is now mostly done with weapons.

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