Kali Self Defence

Top 6 Most Favourite Filipino Martial Arts Weapons

Filipino Martial Arts: Arnis, also known as Kali or Eskrima/Escrima, is the national martial art of the Philippines. Check out the top 6 most favourite Filipino martial arts:

Kali methodology

Kali for us is a concept. It’s a way of learning, teaching, moving the body through a range of weapons and empty hand applications. Once we have this method of movement, wielding a weapon of any kind should come with ease and flow.

Doble Baston (Sinawali)

Best known by the Martial Arts community for the extensive combat use of sticks or machetes by the Filipino Warrior (Mandirigma). Stick fighting training is important in the development of empty hand skills. Any development in stick training leads to an immediate improvement in appropriate body position, speed, coordination, flow, distance from an opponent and the empty hand aspects of Kali.

Solo Baston (Single Stick)

Solo Baston training with sticks is an important key to unarmed training as you develop coordination, motion, strength, stamina and reaction skills. Elements that are trained are among others are strikes, blocks, disarms, locks and takedowns. In our early levels our Single Stick training is representative of any “weapon” or object we can find or access in a self defence situation. As the phases progress we add the elements of stick fighting into the mix.

Daga (Knife)

A knife fighting defence system, known as a specialty of the Filipino Martial Arts. Filipino knife fighting techniques have influenced Police and Military Knife Defence Strategies all over the World. In the beginning levels we focus on basic. knife defence plus the tactics and techniques that will help you manage an edged weapon self defence situation.

Espada Y Daga (Sword and Dagger)

A close range form of sword fighting developed in the Philippines. Traditional used with a long and short sword or daga, the progressive techniques taught in our Kali system are interchangeable with many empty hand applications.

Kadena De Mano (Close Quarter Fighter)

Meaning “Chain of Hands” or “Filipino Trapping” It is short fast close quarter fighting. Here we train anything from set striking patterns to advanced reaction drills using hands, elbows, head butts, and knees – the flow of this technique is very important. Kadena De Mano is a realistic method of Self Defence when there’s no space to move and no way to escape. The methodology here is to Crash the Line of attack.

Bankow (6” Bo Staff)

Another extension of our Kali Self Defence curriculum. Range and positioning is very important when confronted with a long weapon of any kind. The concepts with Bankow will teach hand positioning, flow, range of distance and angles, whilst learning the dexterity required to wield largo weapons.

Different from the usual seminars, with these you will learn Filipino Martial Arts in a well-structured, step-by-step process. It’s a great opportunity for people who don’t find the time for regular weekly training groups or for people who don’t have a qualified teacher in their area. It’s also a great chance for instructors of other martial arts to pick up some extra knowledge and to carry the KSE club trainer title of “Kasama”. Contact us for more details.